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Birds thriving in the cities and towns are rarely looked upon and we hardly realize their services and impacts in our lives. Eg. Crows and Kites feed on the organic wastes that we throw and keep the city clean! There is also a prevalent misconception that you need to travel to see birds. No! Even in the middle of a bustling city, one can see a great diversity of birds and be amazed at their adaptations to the human-dominated landscapes. Those who don’t have regular opportunities to go outdoors, we encourage and guide people to enjoy birds and nature right from their homes!

Here’s a set of games with resources and activities to engage with nature – from the indoors!

  1. Hidden Housemates 1 (PDF, 14 MB)
  2. Hidden Housemates 2 (PDF, 12 MB)
  3. Hidden Housemates 3 (PDF, 14 MB)

Courtesy: Vena Kapoor, Roshni Ravi and Labonie Roy from Nature Classrooms  project of Nature Conservation Foundation.